Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
S.N. Description
1 Code of Conduct for Employers - FFL must ensure a good working environment with well designed strategic and logistic support reinforces the satisfaction of the employees, which will ultimately making them loyal to the organization and its culture.
2 Some specific compliance guidance - - All information be used and handled with best care and due diligence to ensure highest confidentiality and preserving sensitivity; - Serve customers, colleagues and counterparties with due care.
3 Each employee should work in Team concept, should respect each other, should express personal identity with dignity, courtesy and tolerance against arrogance and reciprocity and co-operation is an important aspect of the work ethics in the organization.
4 As a part of responsibilities, employees should understand and honor the customer needs, as well as serve them indifferently, promptly and honestly; ensure complete secrecy of customers’ account information; exercise due diligence in the operation of customer accounts and keep the customers updated regarding any suspicious operations in his account.
5 An employee is supposed to exercise his/her power attributed to his/her position for the benefit of the institution as well as the country not for personal benefit. The use of position of an employee in any institution for any private gain is strictly prohibited.
6 An employee will not engagement in other employment.
7 First Finance Limited shall not do business with drug traffickers, money launderers and other criminals.
8 All employees of the organization are responsible to keep the workplace friendly, congenial, transparent, free from harassment & corruption etc. and ensure the cohesiveness among the colleagues.
9 Employees of First Finance are expected to comply with the laws, rules and regulations governing the Organization's business vis-a-vis regulatory bodies.
10 Harassment in any form including verbal and physical conduct, visual displays, threats, demands and retaliation is strictly prohibited.
11 First Finance has to bear zero tolerance for violence against any of its members of the workforce or its property.
12 Treating customers fairly and without prejudice fosters good rapport and helps to build long-term sustainable business relationships.
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