First Finance Limited (FFL) has been arranging different programs on Financial Literacy since January 2023 as per Bangladesh Bank Guidelines dated 27.03.2022 by the Financial Inclusion Department. At first, according to the instruction of Bangladesh Bank, FFL has developed a Wing especially for Financial Literacy which is known as Financial Literacy Wing both of its Head Office & Branch level. FFL set its early plan for Financial Literacy program also. Afterwards they set their theme “To increase awareness among the people about remit expatriate earnings through legal channel” till June, 2023 as per the Bangladesh Bank’s instruction letter. “First Finance Limited”has celebrated “the Financial Literacy Day on 1st Monday of March, 2023. i.e. on 06 March, 2023”both of its Head office & Branches for the first time. On the other hand for swift financial literacy arrangement, Bangladesh Bank set 03 tier wise target group for financial learning and FFL follow the tier group & schedule and also arranged its different programs with different meetings, vij Utahan Boithok both inside and outside the office by its Head office & branches among the different segment of people such as Underprivileged People, Students, Cottage & Micro entrepreneurs, Farmers, Women, Migrant workers as per guidance of Bangladesh Bank. It is pertinent and proud to mention here that FFL has arranged all the previous events successfully.