Monthly Savings Scheme


It is very much important to take part by the people of the country for more global Economic development of Bangladesh. To proper success of this economical activities everyone should be attend, especially lower income people. In this respect First Finance Ltd. try to introduce special products for our people. In this regard, we desired to start deposit pension scheme.

Effective Date : 21st July 2019

Monthly Savings Scheme (MSS)
S.N. Monthly Deposit TK. 1 Years 3 Years 5 Years 8 Years 10 Years
1 1000.00 --- 10.75% 10.75% 10.75% 10.75%
2 2000.00 --- 10.75% 10.75% 10.75% 10.75%
3 3000.00 --- 10.75% 10.75% 10.75% 10.75%
4 5000.00 11% 10.75% 10.75% 10.75% 10.75%
5 10,000.00 --- 10.75% 10.75% 10.75% 10.75%
Terms and Conditions for Operating of MSS Account Eligibility
S.N. Description
1 Any Bangladeshi national can open account.
2 In case of minor, legal guardian will operate the account.
3 For corporate entry, account will be operated by authorized representative(s).
S.N. Description
1 Depositors can nominate maximum two persons as mentioning first and second priority. In case of absence of first nominee, second nominee will be entertained subject to presentation of evidence.
2 Before maturity of the accountholder can change the nominee by giving written request.
3 The nominee will not be allowed to carry on the account in the event of death of the actual account holder.
Timing of Deposit
S.N. Description
1 The deposit must be made within the banking hours of any working day.
2 In case of advance deposit, no profit will be given on the deposited amount before due date.
3 In the depositor fails to deposit any installment within the stipulated day, he/she can pay the same along with the next installment. In the cases pacified changes will be applicable.
Premature Encashment
S.N. Description
1 Premature encashment can be made only after one year from the effective date In case of premature encashment at the concretion of First Finance Ltd, interest will be calculate at 2% less than the prevailing rate applicable for the period for which the deposit has been maintained.
Default situation
S.N. Description
1 If the depositor fails to deposit 3 consecutive installments,the account will be closed automatically.
2 Late payment charge is Tk.50.00 for every Tk.1,000.00
Tax and Levy
S.N. Description
1 Income from the deposit is subject is deduction of tax as per Income Tax Ordinance and any amendment thereof.
2 Profit rates may be changed from time to time.
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