Our History

First Finance Limited (FFL) established in the year 1993. The company started its business operation since inception as a Private Limited Company and subsequently converted into Public Limited Company with limited vicinity and gradually the company becomes one of the largest Financial Institutions in Bangladesh. Currently, the company has been operating lease financing, term loan financing, real estate financing and housing financing, SME financing with its 6(Six) branches in 6(six) different prime locations of the country with an objective to meet up the all types financial needs for its clients.
During the past decade of its operation, FFL has played a major role in producing alternative source of term and capital asset financing to the private, commercial and SME sectors. First Finance's primary focus has been in the area of 2-5 years term financial leasing with particular emphasis on balancing, modernization, replacement and expansion of existing units. FFL Shareholders have upheld their commitment towards the development of the financial service sector by offering high quality services to local entrepreneurs. To ensure steady and long term growth as well as to sharpen its competitive edge in an ever changing and challenging business environment. FFL always endeavors to diversify into different financial services, which have long-term prospect. In the year 2001, we expanded our range of services by introducing Housing Finance. In line with further diversification program FFL has encouraged in transport financing, SME financing and Bangladesh Bank Refinancing projects. The company also provides FDR (Fixed Deposit Receipt) and MSS (Monthly Savings Scheme) to its valuable customers. FFL is on its way to become one of the leading multi-product financial institution of the country in upcoming years.
The company’s Authorized Capital is Tk. 5,000.00 million divided into 500 million ordinary shares of Tk. 10 each. The Paid up capital comprise of statutory reserve and issued share. The Statutory reserve stood at Tk. 332.96 million and issued share (Paid up capital) stood at Tk. 1162.20 Million as on 30/06/2016. The issued shares comprises of, Director/Sponsor & their related Companies, Institution and General Public.

Financial Highlights (Outstanding Amount in Million)
S.N. Financial Position 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
1 Lease Finance 2217.24 2141.57 1921.22 1692.06 1385.44
2 Term Finance 5748.48 6727.02 7205.84 7853.15 7399.78
3 Home Loan 12.54 12.92 12.11 09.53 08.26
4 Total Assets 9864.57 10317.89 10774.37 11853.24 11144.24
5 Long Term Liabilities 2062.54 1138.77 1441.08 2050.41 1133.20
6 Term Deposit Balance 5400.49 6606.36 5528.43 6302.47 6841.75
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